Question Recommend me 1440p 144+hz monitors with really good colors

Apr 7, 2021
A bit of a background story...

I owned two 1080p 144hz monitors (don't remember which ones, both are MSI Optix). The first one had a curved VA screen and it had terrible colors: washed out edges, overdarkened picture (and when I tried to use the night mode, the picture would get too white in some places with colors having that undeep foggy shade about them). I ended up returning that one and picked up another MSI IPS monitor but without the curved screen. I had so much hope it'd have good colors because it was the beloved and praised IPS. Eventually it had similar problems but being noticeably better it still had much worse colors than my 2011 TN 60hz TV that I've always used as my monitor. I returned that one too.

The last thing I expected is that newer screens would have Much worse color quality than those worldwide hated old TNs.

I've heard that high refresh monitors tend to have worse colors than lower refresh rate, maybe that's the reason.

Now i understand that every monitor is individual and you can't pick just from the panel type. I'd love to get advice from you which 1440p 144+hz monitors have truly vibrant, rich and balanced colors.