Recommend me a good card please..


Sep 1, 2011
Okay i have a budget of around 5000-6000 INR (around 120$)...
I want to buy a card which can run games like gta 4 and burnout paradise city, nfs hot pursuit at high res and high detail.....i am strictly against buying an ati as i will have cooling problems (i have a small cabinet)
so which nvidia cards can u recommend?
I thought about d gt430 for some good is it??
just FYI, ATI/AMD have no cooling problems, you need to get your facts strait. Also the GT430 is completely useless for gaming, a better option for similar price would be an AMD 5670/6670 or if you really want nvidia, a GT240 is faster than a gt430. Regardless what graphics card you get you should have at least one exhaust fan in your case.
Don't expect much from GTAIV.That game is one of the worst,buggiest game known to exist.

For around $120 you can get a GTX550ti or a 6770.Both cards should be able to max out NFS HP easily depending on the rest of your PC.

What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

What is the make/model of your PSU?


Mar 30, 2014
See , First Of All GTA IV Is Very Badly Optimized For PC And Will Not Run At High Settings.
So Now Coming To The Card.
1.Radeon HD 6670 1 GB Is A Great Card To Buy In That Budget.
2.nVidia Geforce GT 630 2 GB , Again A Great Card Buy Poor Than The 6670.
3.nVidia Geforce GT 640 1 GB Is The Best Card In The Above 2 Cards.
4.Radeon HD 6570 Is Also Good.
5.And The Best Card From All The Above Is Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 ti .
You Can Buy Cards 1,3,5 To Play NFS On High But It Also Depends On Your Other Specs.
Means Card 1 , 3 And 5 Are The Best .
Hope You Liked Them. :p :D