Recommend Me More Drives for Games


I have room for one more HDD and one M.2 SSD.

I have lots of games I don't ever play because I don't have the space.

What would you recommend? Budget of ~$200.

This is what I was thinking.

Or one of these?,4Qw7YJ/

I'd rather have the extra space I think. I already have:

240GB HyperX Savage
500GB 850 EVO
2TB 7,200RPM Ultrastar


You say you have room for one more drive but yet list that you want to buy 2. You already have 2 SSD's, why do you want another one if space is the issue. IF you want massive storage for more games, go with like a 4 or 8TB 7200rpm.


Running a game off SSD VS HDD doesn't really help much other than the initial loading of the game once it's running doesn't really matter so going with a standard HD and moving your games to that drive would be the best option.
A half full 2TB drive can still fit an awful lot of extra games in it, you sure you actually need more space :)
Anyway get the 2TB Barracuda or a WD blue, or you could get a 3 or 4TB one.

For my games I use 1 x 500GB M.2 850 Evo for my boot and some games I play a lot and 1 x 2TB WD Blue for everything else and that's plenty for a pretty large collection.



Well let's see..

I have 828GB of Steam Backups (compressed, not installed/ready to play).
212GB of Origin Games
165GB of Ubisoft Games
25GB World of Tanks
274GB of crypto blockchains
and other miscellaneous apps/programs leaving me about 215GB of free space on the 2TB.

I have a serious amount of Steam games that I dont' really play often, and never really get to because I would have to delete some other large games to make room for these large games. I reinstalled Windows a few weeks ago and reinstalled BF1, Destiny 2, AC Origins, and a couple other games and I'm already full on both SSDs.

My 2TB is more for just storage mainly so I don't have to re-download games with my slow 10Mbps connection.

My goal is to be able to play any game I have without having to delete something. I suppose I need a massive HDD or two.