Question Recommend me some cases that are budget, and NOT tempered glass?


Nov 23, 2019
So, there are no end of sub £50 cases available that are good with tempered glass designs. That's nice, as RGB and clean cabled managed builds are the thing now.

But what if I'm old school - I want metal on all sides, and I don't care if it looks clean because I never see it? Make it messy and cheap! Are there any options there, and are they cheaper than the budget clean/tempered glass builds? If not, why am I paying more for a dirty build? :)

Thanks for your input.


Just because you cannot see it, doesn't mean it's not healthy to be neat.

Neat makes cleaning easier, routing wires away from moving parts, like fans, is a good thing, tucked away wiring can aid in airflow etc.

Wires that are stretched across the case can also suffer damage to the connection, should the wire be accidentally stretched taut by invasive hands or tools. Fastened wires routed around the frame are far less likely to cause or suffer such.

Then there's the matter of personal pride in accomplishment, a slapped together, untidy build just screams 'I don't give a D',
And of course low-end prebuilts as well (e.g Dell).
Perfect example. It's called Craftsmanship and the Big-Box brands just don't 'give a D' about it.

Thermaltake cases (mostly, and especially the budget class, Suck. Period)

Best solid side cases on any sort of budget are Fractal Design, most come in a solid side or tempered version. Corsair and CoolerMaster have some good ones too. Lian-Li makes great cases, but tend not to be in the 'budget' class.

Most mITX are solid/mesh sided but have a TG option, sometimes requiring a seperate purchase or special order.
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Check with Rosewill brand. Also, DIYPC. I have used both makes for inexpensive "office" type metal cases sub $25. I have come to like Rosewill better as the inside edges tend not to be as sharp. Either of them in this class is about as sturdy as a disposable basting pan while they are apart, but in both cases once finished and assembled they offered no issue with sturdiness.
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I got a rosewill case that came with a psu for like $40 for my first build lol. The case wasn't bad but it had meh airflow. This is it except its insanely overpriced.,aps,210&sr=8-9

That exact case was offered with and without PSU and I have built a few systems inside it for office type use. I thought them to be a darned decent case for a low power build and was even surprised at the cable management option behind the right side panel. I think I was paying something like $24 shipped for these right at the end without a PSU.
It is of note that the included PSU on the higher priced model is inviting a house fire.
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