Recommend Some CPU and Case Fans?


May 29, 2012
Hello all, I am planning on replacing and adding some fans to my case(CM HAF 922, will possibly change to a Corsair C70 in the future) and I am in need of some 200mm fans and possibly one 120mm fan. Can anybody recommend some plain black and quiet 200mm fans? I also need a 120mm fan for a push/pull for a future heatsink I am getting(CM Hyper 212).

I am at a lost for quality 200mm fans, if anyone can recommend me some durable and quiet 200mm fans that are black(blue LEDs are acceptable) I would be extremely grateful. My price range is around $10-$20, shipping doesn't matter and my preferred site is

I have looked at some Xigmatek and Bitfenix 200mm fans, they look a bit flimsy but good enough to get the job done. I have also looked at the Silvertsone Air Penetrator fan, would this be good for a CPU heatsink?

Thank you in advance for any and all help, fans aren't my strong suit when it comes to hardware, so I really need some help here :)

Also, is the Bitfenix fan I listed only fit in Bitfenix cases? I've heard that NZXT fans only fit in NZXT cases...
Well there are many good 120mm you might want to check this thread out

I've also worked with these and they are very quiet, I would choose the AP15 and just throttle it down to 1500 rpm. It just gives you more flexibility when you need to push your OC or need more air to flow through your case.

2) Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 (1850rmp) or AP-14 (1450 rpm)

I am using these right now with my 810 switch very happy with these

3) Silverstone AP-121

For 200 mm fans, you really only have a few choices:the coolermaster megaflow is 30mm and the bitfenix spectre pro is 25 mm thick

both are good choices and personally i only look at those two at the moment when i need a 200 mm. if you prefer more air, go with bitfenix spectre pro. for silence, coolermaster megaflow is quieter of the two.
Don't get NZXT 200mm's, the mounts are non-standard (if there even is a standard for 200mm mounting holes) and many people have reported they don't fit on other cases.