Build Advice Recommendation for 2 PC Streaming Setup ?

May 28, 2022
Hello everyone!

New guy here, with a few questions and looking for some recommendations on which build is better suited for streaming and what quality/performance I can expect using different encoders and different encoding presets. I plan to stream @936p60 or 720p60, hoping for 4500-5000 bitrate. I will be using an EVGA XR1 Lite 1080p60 USB 3.0 Capture Card.

My current, but somewhat outdated gaming PC build is as follows:

ASRock Z75 Pro3 Motherboard
i7-3770 (3rd gen)
GTX 1650 Super 4GB

And here is my dedicated streaming PC build. (I'm still waiting for the GPU to arrive so its not yet assembled)

MSI H510M PRO Motherboard
i3-10105F (10th gen)
GTX 750ti 2GB

I understand there are many factors into determining which is the best option for each particular case, and I'm most likely just going to have to do my own tests, but wanted to get some insight from others to recommend the best option to try first.

If I use the i7 build ,as it sits, for streaming, I understand I would have 3 choices of encoder. x264, NVENC from the GTX 1650 Super, or QuickSync using iGPU in the i7.

If I go with the i3 build, I would have just 2 options, x264 or NVENC from the 750ti.

I have ultimately determined that I would like to keep the GTX 1650 Super as my gaming graphics card, and I understand that my GTX 1650 Super is the top performer here in terms of encoding for streaming and has the most performance out of all options.

I also understand there is more of a bottleneck between the GTX 1650 Super and my current i7 3770, and if I swapped cards, I would see better performance when paired with the newer i3.

Or, just scrap the whole 2nd streaming PC idea, and would the new i3 and my GTX 1650 Super be able to handle GPU heavy games and streaming just fine using the NVENC? My whole goal here was to have the best quality, while still being able to not worry about overloading the system in anyway, and i figured having a 2 system setup would be best to achieve that.

So, in conclusion, I'm just not sure which option to go with. Is there an encoder I should totally avoid using, and what remaining options have the best quality/performance ratio.

Thanks for reading, hoping for a little insight, and if more info is needed please let me know. Thanks!
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