Question recommendation for ups, brand apc

Nov 12, 2018
Hello everyone and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my question. I am thinking of buying this power supply CORSAIR 650W RMI I do not know if it is ok and it is necessary that amount watts in the source for what I want. But I want to be something left over in case I do some updates this year. Other than that I want to buy from UPS:

I have these 3 options: (I do not want to import) (I'm from Peru)
UPS (UPS) APC Pro 1200, Interactive, 1200VA, 720W

UPS (UPS) APC BX1400U-MS, 1400VA, 700W, interactive, 220V, AVR

UPS (UPS) Smart APC SURT1000XLI, On-Line, 1000VA, 700W, 230V

and this UPS (UPS) APC Pro 900, Interactive, 900VA, 540W, 230V (ONLY IN CASE YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE SO MANY WATTS although I do not know how much you really need for that build)

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x with OC
Motherboard: x470 asus prime
Memory: 2x8gb Crucial Ballistix 3000 hz
Monitor :samsung cf390
Graphic card : rx 590 8gb Saphire
cpu cooler: evo 212
SSD: samsung 970 evo 250gb m.2


The SURT -- The OnLine UPSs mean that UPS is a double conversion UPS. That means that is always converts the AC to DC, then converts back to AC. So the voltage output is constant. I have three of the SURT1500s in my home. Definitely the best.

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