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Question Recommendation Request: Video Card for TV


Jul 25, 2014
Hello everyone,

I've been out of the PC assembly game for a bit and I wasn't sure what the right answer was.

I have a MSI GTX 2070 powering 4 Dell S2717H 27 inch monitors and it's been working great. I don't game a whole lot - and when I do game on a single monitor at 1920X1080.

Due to some changes around the house, I now have a 43 Inch 4K LG TV in my hands that I can use in my office. All the ports on my video card are in use and I guess I am now looking at purchasing a new card to power the TV. I would love to game on my TV instead of on my monitors.

So the conundrum I have is - can I get away buying a cheap video card (Does Nvidia still have GT710s?) - hook my TV up to the RTX 2070 for gaming and then hook up one of my 4 monitors to the low power video card? Would that work? Or would I have to bite the bullet and buy another Nvidia RTX 2070 or similar to power the TV for gaming?

I would be very grateful for any advice / guidance you might have.