Question Recommendations for a development laptop ?

Aug 16, 2020
I'm looking for a development laptop that has great core/thread counts and memory (at least 64GB). I really want to go AMD, and I prefer the ability to install/upgrade my own memory and nvm drives. I won't consider anything that have memory already soldered onto the motherboard. Two m.2 slots would be great, and it must be capable of at least 64GB of memory. 128 would be idea since I have so many memory intensive stuff running. 17" is preferred, but nothing under 15".

I run several IDEs, VMs, Docker container servers, and JDKs. Memory and threads are paramount.

I don't care about gaming at all, so something to handle modern 3D acceleration in Gnome is all I need.

Black Friday is coming up, and I would like to get something then, but it's not a must as I have a pretty powerful desktop now. I just want the laptop for when I need to leave my house and do work elsewhere.

What do you recommend that's available now? What can you see released in the next year that I should consider waiting for?

I don't care about money, but I do care about thermal and screen quality.