Question Recommendations for an all-in-one laser printer ?

Jul 7, 2021
We currently have a brother all in one laser printer (don’t have the model in front of me). My wife does a lot of PowerPoint printing and the page size is just killing this printer. Often times, it will print the slide notes but not the slide, or just skip the page entirely. I upgraded the memory long ago, so we are out of options.
Anyone know of a good color laser all in one that has a large memory buffer that will be able to handle these big power point files.


What's your current model? So, we get an idea of the memory you're currently dealing with.

Also any special needs. Such as duplex, large paper formats, transparancies, &c.

Good models are hard to find in stock right now. You might have to spend a lot more than expected. For a much higher end unit than you need. Just to get something in stock.

Beyond that. It seems odd that it isn't printing the full slides. I mean individual slides shouldn't be that big. Outside of something like embedded video or audio files. I've sent massively high resolution images from Photoshop to my current Brother color laser without issue. Even my 22 year old HP Laserjet can handle massively high res photos and heavy PDF files. It just takes it a very long time to print a page.

Are you sure there isn't an issue with the settings. Such as a page setup set to only print notes or set to not print background images. Perhaps an issue with the format of the media.

What happens if you try to Print to PDF? Does the PDF come out right? You could Print to PDF then print the PDF instead.
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