Question Recommendations for an X570 upgrade?

Jun 23, 2019
I currently have the MSI X570 gaming pro carbon wifi, which I’ve had since August. I know it seems really soon to upgrade, but I have a few reasons for why I want to. First, I have broken USB 3.0 pins on the board. Second, I lost my m.2 screws, and they’re proprietary from what I’ve heard (I know, I’m an idiot) and third, the board just isn’t great from what I’ve heard. I personally haven’t had issues with the board but I’ve heard really bad things about it, and I want a board that’ll last me a long time, so I’m unsure if this board would be able to do that. Since X670 is supposedly coming out in early 2020, I was thinking of upgrading around May, once the prices of X570 boards drop. I have the 3700x and I’m planning not to upgrade that for a long time, probably around 5 years, so I feel like a high end X570 board would fit me better than a mid ranged X670, I’m just a little unsure which once I should go for. I’m considering going all out and going for the AORUS Xtreme, but I feel like it might be a bit unrealistic and straight up unnecessary. So I’ve also considered boards around the $400 (as of right now) range. I don’t wanna make the same mistake I made with buying the gaming pro carbon, so does anyone have any suggestions? If this helps at all, I have a decently high end rig with DDR4 3600 memory, a 750W power supply, a water cooled CPU, and a GTX 1080 which I’ll likely upgrade in the following months. I’m most likely going to eventually switch to m.2 SSD’s as my main storage.