Question Recommendations for CPU for my first build

Nov 7, 2019
I'm not new to the computer stuff (funny way to say it huh lol) but I'm going to build my first desktop PC, mainly cause of my interests with it but need it for school too. And black Friday is coming up so it's a perfect time! I've always been a fan of Intel CPU's but only cause that's all I've ever experimented knowledge or experience with AMD's. Well, I came across some comparisons for CPU's and seen an amd (don't remember the exact model and afraid to look in my history cause it make this page vanish on me and I'll have to start over).. but it's an 8 core dual thread overclock able CPU (says it can be overclocked safely up to 5ghz!!!!!) And considering I only want a work station that is excellent at multitasking with zero lag and I won't be gaming on it ever, I don't need anything crazy but am looking for a little overkill lol. I just get impatient and I'm constantly researching and tend to have several open chrome tabs while using WinZip and word and other programs.. my question is this.. since I won't be gaming on it and only want a super work station with some overkill, would it be worth it to get a reputable highly rated AMD CPU over a higher quality Intel CPU ? I am going to get as current a Mobo as possible for future upgrades but the CPU and SSD, and other miscellaneous parts will not be the most current parts. Looking at getting them brand new from 2014-2016, instead of anything made today year.. To save money and I don't need the most current.. I want a Mobo that supports PCIe 4.0 but prolly won't be getting a CPU that does just yet.. so, with that in mind, what's anyone's thoughts on my inquiry? I'll try to find the model CPU after I post this and edit it with the exact 1 I'm considering.. thanks guys!!!