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Dec 31, 2007
When all else fails, ask the experts. Or at least the people who have hacked their way out of the jungle already.

Our church is undergoing a renovation and we hope to live stream our services. Here's the current plan:
1)Two Amcrest 1080P PoE+ PTZ cameras (Model 1P2M-853EW);
  1. Two long throw projectors displaying 1920 x 1280 minimum resolution (or so I was told) approximately 40 feet and 55 feet from the control console;
  2. Windows 10 PC running PowerPoint & other necessary software;
  3. Large flat panel television (65" to 77");
  4. Smaller flat panel monitor (22" to 30");
  5. Multiple microphones (5 to 9) wired + wireless;
  6. Cable internet connection for live streaming services.
We're thinking the PowerPoint computer could be a basic box and we need a more potent box to do the live streaming & recording. The PP box would be sending the slides to the projectors. It would also be controlling the cameras.
The large flat panel would be a minimum of 35 feet from our proposed console.

Our questions are:
  1. Would be able to use HDMI cabling for the large flat panel? Would we be better using Cat 6 + a balun? Coax?
  2. What specs would be the minimum for the streaming box?
  3. Would we need additional hardware to prep the A/V feed for live streaming? For You Tube?
  4. Is there anything else we need to consider for the hardware, software, etc?
Thank you much.


The same computer can handle streaming and projecting at the same time, although you may want to have them separate so if you need to adjust something for streaming you don't interrupt the display to the projectors. There are a ton of streaming options, from dedicated services like LiveStream to freeware stuff like OBS studio which works as well. You can get a video capture card, run the output split from the main computer to that card connected to a laptop running OBS that streams to whatever platform you pick.

You can also get some dedicated streaming hardware from Blackmagic, Elgato, Livestream studio, etc..

For what you are doing you may want to contract an A/V integrator to help you set things up so it works properly. May be cheaper to do it right the first time rather than buy stuff that may not work for you.

Running multiple cameras and microphones to the console for mixing and streaming is not the most difficult thing but not trivial either, you need decent equipment for that and also the knowledge as to what equipment to get (brand and model of mic may limit you to certain mixers for example for connection, how many HDMI/VGA/Audio inputs and outputs you need, how to switch between cameras, how to control the mic levels and lighting, etc...

One mic, one camera, one projector to stream is easy, you add more and it gets quite a bit more complex. Our A/V setups cost from about $3,000 - $ 50,000 for our auditorium setup with streaming (including screen and projector costs) and various conference rooms.
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