Question Recommendations on a new Keyboard

Feb 25, 2019
So to start this off, I'm using the Corsair K70 RGB SE with MX Cherry Silver switches. This is definitely one of my favorite keyboards. I love the the keycaps, software and how the switches feel. However, the only thing I do not like about this keyboard, is mainly the space bar and how each key press sounds. Since the frame is brushed aluminum, on each key release you get that canned sort of noise. Almost like a metal ting. Even with a game pad underneath the keyboard, it's still super noisy; which leads me to wanting a different keyboard, since these switches aren't hot-swappable. I do love 60% keyboards, but I also love having dedicated media buttons. If you guys could please let me know what keyboards you guys are using and any recommendations you might have, it would be greatly appreciated. Anywhere in the $100-$200 range is where I'm looking.


Quite a few keyboards have that ping on the space bar, especially the ones for gaming. My Corsiar does not do that really but the new Logitech one I got has a bit of a sound.

I have a Leopold with MX Reds that has a solid feeling space bar. Most of the non-gaming brand keyboards will be better but you are not going to get extra buttons and lights with most of those.

Maybe this Ducky one

This may be my next keyboard to try, I want a compact layout with number pad for work, and the Gateron switches in my son's keyboard are pretty good
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