Question Recommendations on new keyboard with wristrest for gaming and typing both


Dec 19, 2015
Have had a Roccat Isku FX for years now which is really starting to show its age, but finding myself overwhelmed by choice when it comes to a new one. I've grown to love the big plastic wrist rest on it, so ideally whatever one I get next would have something similar (unless I'm about to find out that resting my wrists on hard plastic all the time is not a good idea)

Bells and whistles aren't too important, I don't really make use of the Isku FX's macro/media buttons anymore. I'm told I'm a heavy typer - the Isku FX is not a mechanical keyboard, but people I'm on call with often ask if I have one, so I worry that going for a mechanical one would be too loud.

Currently the one thats caught my eye the most is the Steelseries Apex 3 (, although there's two possibly incredibly minor points - the lower row of keys looks like it curves upwards rather than being flat or angled down? Which may not be a big deal. The wristrest is also detachable rather than part of it which isn't a big deal but I am prone to absentminded fiddling.

I know this is very vague and yet also I sound incredibly picky, but I am thankful in advance to anyone who can point me towards some ideas.


They make wrist rests for keyboards, no need to limit yourself with one that comes with a specific keyboard.

There are dozens of models you can select from, you need to list your price range, size you want (looks like you want a full size with number pad), mechanical or dome switches, media keys, etc... really need to fill in a lot of information before you can look at keyboards. Also what is your top requirements, is a smaller cheaper keyboard with good feeling keys better than a larger one with media keys but less good feeling switches? Do you need a number pad? Best idea is to find a store that sells keyboards near you (BestBuy often has a bunch of models on display in the gaming and computer sections) and see what you like.