[SOLVED] Recommended liquid cooling for i7 9700k/i9 9900k

May 13, 2020
Hey guys,
I'm not satisfied by my current AIO Liquid cooling (Antec mercury 240mm)
On stress tests it goes up to 85c and in games up to 70c and this is without O.C.
Now I want to upgrade the liquid cooling from these options please advise me for the best outcome.
I'm looking for low temps as possible
With rgb
And silent as possible.
I'm going to mount the cooling on top of the case (nx800) so it's maximum 280mm.
  1. Asus rog ryujin 240mm oled rgb
  2. Corsair hydro H115i rgb platinum 280mm
  3. Corsair hydro H100i pro rgb 240mm
  4. Corsair hydro H115i pro 280mm advanced rgb
  5. Gigabyte Aorus liquid cooler 280mm
  6. NZXT Kraken x62/63
These are the options available here in my country.
I prefer getting a 280mm one but I really don't know which one.
I need this to be also good for the i9 9900k/kf
Since I might be getting that cpu from a friend.
May 13, 2020
There simply aren't that many. It's an exotic cpu that needs exotic cooling and an exotic motherboard(sort of). Spending like 850USD for just the cpu/mobo/cooler combo is quite a lot to a number of people.
You'd likely get way more replies if this were about the 9600K or 9400.
I can understand these are no common cpu's.
But there's a lot of people with 3k ++ pc builds.
I just thought I'd find them here.
Anyways sorry if it sounded bad.
I just don't wanna fail with my next cooling like I did with the last one.


But there's a lot of people with 3k ++ pc builds.
I'm sorry, but no, we're still a minority. The Average Joe spends far less.

And no, you didn't sound bad at all.

I just don't wanna fail with my next cooling like I did with the last one.
Lets see...
A)Current mobo is fine for the 9700K. For the 9900K, it's ok, until you choose to overclock it. The mobo's VRMs will need help from chassis and radiator fans to keep cool: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gigabyte-z390-gaming-x-atx-motherboard,6250.html
B)Know how much noise you can tolerate.
-Performance liquid coolers: these can provide some of the best thermals, but at the cost of higher noise output. Performs worse than the quieter models at lower rpms.
Don't go and get one of these, only to want to replace the fans later, because they get too loud. The cooler will then perform worse overall because the new fans can't push as much air through the radiator fins.

-Silent liquid coolers: as the name implies, they are not as loud as the performance models, but the cooling performance isn't quite as effective.
IMO, these work best in high airflow chassis, because if a user installs one of these in a stuffy, 'silent' chassis, then the cpu is almost entirely dependent on the pump flow rate for cooling.
After all, a liquid cooler is just a hybrid air cooler.

C)I think I left something out... I might remember later...
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