Recommended Mobo for my CPU


Oct 15, 2011
Hey all, I just recently ordered a AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE and was wondering what good mobo would be to use for my setup?
I will have a 8800GT as my video card until next month..then I'm getting a ATI 5770 but for now, I'd like to know any recommendations for a MB that will run my 955 steady and solid. The rig will be used for gaming..I donot want to spend more than 120$ on a board if possible.

Also I will be using a CM 212 to keep her nice and cool, might overclock aswell - around 3.6 if possible.
1 more thing is with the mobo you techys suggest, what would be some good RAM to run?

Thanks fellas, looking forward to replies.

Games I will be running are:
APB: Reloaded

When I get the GFX card:
Black Ops
MW3 [ if capable ]
BF3 [ if capable ]