Recommended Powerline adapters?

Feb 18, 2018
I'm currently looking to get a powerline adapter, as someone recommended to me one of those instead of a wifi extender. I am ok with both wired and wifi adapters, but would prefer one that can have access to both.

The room I want to put the powerline in would be upstairs, on the other side of my house, so not too far, but enough that 5hz internet almost doesn't reach, and 2.4hz is only hitting 15mb max usually.

My internet is 150mb cable.

As I don't generally like to trust casual user reviews, can anyone recommend a good adapter?
I've personally used the Zyxel PLA5456KIT (wired only) model with great success. Speed on the units were more than fast enough to keep up with my 150Mb connection and while not gigabit, they still managed LAN transfers at a fast enough pace that I was never bothered by the speed. Latency was also very similar to being wired directly to the router. For wireless, they do have a PLA5236 unit but I haven't seen reviews of it. Another good company to look at is TP-Link, and they have quite a few wireless powerline extenders. They and Zyxel tend to be in the top performers with most "best of" lists.