Recommended zotac gtx 1070ti amp ectreme overclock speeds?

Jan 25, 2019
Hi guys, i'm trying to overclock my gtx 1070ti but I need some help on how a good setting for the core clock and memory clock. I dont want to overdo anything, my card has three fans on it so thermals are generally good


every card is different only you will be able to determine stability, a decent OC might be +150core +350mem clocks. you should probably start lower than an incrementally increase clocks untill you are good. you may be able to do better or worse depending on how lucky or unlucky you are


Oct 2, 2018

What software do you use to overclock your graphic card?
If you haven't already, I strongly suggest using MSI Afterburner.
In MSI Afterburner, there is an option called "OC Scanner" that will automatically do the overclocking for you.

Basically, it is an algorithm that puts your card through different phases of stress test under different voltage load and ultimately determine the best clock speed for your card.

Good news, this feature is perfectly safe and you don't have to spend hours upon incrementally increasing your clock speed and stress testing each time you change something (which, to me, is fun but that's just me).

See guide on how to use OC Scanner here:

Blitz Hacker

Jul 17, 2015
I say go with the O/C Scanner on msi afterburner. As chips have better/worse yields so everyones 'max setting will vary.' is the settings I am currently using on my 1070ti zotec amp extreme. (Note: I do have a good amount of case fans setup properly.. and the screen shot is the GPU under max load (hence the temp target being taken down as I don't want to fry other components in my case if .. lets say a fan failed in the case.

Edit: LoL That's the result the OC Scanner gave me.. tweaked a little.. so the 'curve' setting for the GPU Frequency is a little less helpful than I thought. Anyhow .. DL the latest MSI Afterburner. install it and run oc scanner (read how to use it properly first. Set what power/temp target you want first.. then apply the settings.. THEN run the scanner.. the OC scanner took just under a half hour for me. Would highly highly suggest running nothing else on your PC while this happens.. (Run it before you goto work and just leave the machine on)

When your OC scanner is completed, it should tell you the reason (bottleneck) why your card failed to be over clocked higher. Atleast on this card it's Power max 100% of the time (so ensure your power target is 140% (max) which is safe on pascal ten series provided your power supply can deal with the current pull, and your case can deal with the heat.. note I stopped the linking between the power/temp targets and put the temp target lower, personal preference of mine as some 'safey' margin for my other components. (reason for OC max is still power not heat btw)