Reconfiguring IP Address Pool on DHCP



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Hi there,

1. We currently run only ONE server(windows 2000 SBS) which is DC (AD-Domain Controller, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Print, Application, File, BackupServer etc).
2. The person who setup has given the IP address Pool for intranet in DHCP as to
3. Have exclusions defined in DCHP within the above stated 10.0.0.x block.

I want to change the IP addressing pool from 10.0.0.x range to 10.q.r.s. This is because the octect that is reserved for the server (main Server which is DHCP, DNS, DC, IIS and Print server) is with the subnetmask . And i'm not comfortable with this IP address for security reasons as it is the first octect in the 10.0.0.x block and anyone (a potential hacker can have his first guess corrrect). AND THE MAIN REASON BEING we just have less than 254 hosts at the moment as defined in the dhcp and I'm intending to expand the network in the future and we might run out of IP addresses.

I was wondering if i can change THE PRESENT WORKING SYSTEM to :

1. The IP Address pool from to to to with sunetmask

2. The IP address for the server from to say and change the name of the server from say bingo to complexBingo and then update any references to the old server name from client machines to new one (any shortcuts to \\bingo to \\complexBingo for example) would be enough????

Can anyone please help me understand the consequences of doing this and if this is a better way of doing it???? because i don't want to change and then get flooded with calls from users next day and land myself in chaos.




Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup_deployment (More info?)

You can change IP pool to to (Note that
is not valid address if you use subnet mask as
Or if you want you can change to IP pool to to
(Note that is not valid address)

You can change the IP address of the server (Internal interface) to any one
of the pool and you have to exclude that IP from that range

But i feel better not to change the IP other server or Name of the server
You may face some problem like below

Client may be not able to connect to the internet if setting in internet
explorer and gateway is not set properly.
Application which depends on system name may fail (IIS Server -;en-us;234142&Product=sbs)

After the installation of Small Business Server is completed, the domain
name and computer name should never be changed. Changing either of these
settings may cause problems that require a complete reinstallation of Small
Business Server.;en-us;196443&Product=sbs

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