Question Record sling tv to dvd disk using JVC dvd/vcr recorder

Aug 23, 2021
Thank you for all your help! This site rocks! Every time I posted a question it was answered promptly and accurately. I'm considering purchasing SlingTV I would like to know how to connect my JVC model dvr-mv150b up so I can record to a dvd disk. I'll being going through a Roku disk that I currently have attached to my tv. There is only one hdmi port on the JVC and two sets of WRY port. Please explain the cable configuration. Thank you .


Whatever output you have on the Sling TV box needs to go to the input on the DVD recorder. You also need to make sure the device allows such recordings for DRM, since usually HDMI wants to have a secure signal start to finish to prevent unauthorized recording. Nothing complicated really. Manual to the recorder you have should have all the details.
Unless you have very outdated setup using analogue signals (white/red/yellow Cinch connectors), you won't be able to record HDMI signals - big fishes made sure that to be impossible. I bet Sling (as all other boxes) are required to include HDCP in their designs.