[SOLVED] Recording and Burning TV Shows to Blu Ray


Oct 19, 2013
My father's birthday is coming up and he records various tv shows on TV and burns them to disks using an old Panasonic disk burner. He loves doing this, however not only did they stop making DVD burners, the shows only burned in 480p max. I am looking to build him a fairly cheap PC to achieve the ability to plug the HDMI into the tv and stream that to the PC, than the PC burning it on a blu ray disk and at least 1080p. I am familiar with PC building when it comes to gaming PCs as I have built 3 in the past, however I am unsure where to even start in order to achieve this. The price range is $350-500 the least amount of parts to accomplish this and nothing more. My dad isn't the most technologically advanced PC nerd, so I am trying to keep this as simple as I can for him. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks and have a great rest of your day.