Recording gameplay with the elgato hd60s

Nov 23, 2018
so I am wanting to record gameplay from a console with the elgato hd60s. Im able to record game play but its at a lower resolution than id like it to be. I currently have an AMD Athlon x4 860k and a nvidia gtx 950 4gb i believe it is. i would like to get it up to 1080p 30fps minimum, not looking to spend anymore than $400 because i will be completely overhauling my pc mid next year. Also if i can get buy with spending less that would be great, thanks
UPDATE: ive came across some luck and found what seems to be a pretty good buy for the performance, amd ryzen 5 1600. ill be upgrading the motherboard asus rog strix b350-f, ram ddr4 2 8gb 2400mhz, and liquid cooler as well. all comes out to $404 according to game debate i would be able to run gta 5 at high, maybe medium in the real world. let me know your thoughts.