Question Recording live Zoom using a screen recorder (OBS Studio) - Best to use external USB HDD or laptop internal SSD?

Jul 27, 2022
I wish to record daily 9am to 5pm Zoom / MS Teams video meeting using OBS Studio screen recorder. It's likely to be 90 days worth to record at about 1GB per day. I only have 20GB left in my laptops internal old limited capacity SSD.

Am I better off using the laptop's SSD (and at the end of the day copy and paste the mp4 recording onto an external USB hard drive), or would it be better to stream live onto the external USB hard drive directly?

I'm thinking the advantages of both methods?
For example, which would use greater hardware / software resources? Would streaming directly onto the SSD reduce the life expedience of the SSD? etc
Resources used would be the same thing, 1gb over 8hours you could record on a walkman from the 90's...
This would be sound only right?! Because 8hour video on 1Gb would look like lego.
Also make sure to announce to everybody involved that you are recording, I don't know the exact laws but that should be minimum expected from you.