Question Recording PS4 with AVerMedia Live Gaming Portable 2 Plus: Audio without Mic output

Mar 1, 2019
Hi guys,
To make things a bit clearer, I am recording my PS4 with the AVerMedia Gaming Live Portable 2 Plus into OBS on my 2016 MacBook Pro. Because I am recording my own audio with a ZOOM H1 recorder, I do not want my voice from my mic to be captured in-game as well (By the way, I need my mic to communicate with online players). I know the issue is not with OBS, cuz it works fine if I plug my remote into the Video Capture device or don't have any headset plugged in at all, so it has to be the AVerMedia. As of yet, my only solution I could come up with was have the AVerMedia device to pass-through as normal, but with player 2's SHOCK remote doing the audio stream, while mine has the headset plugged in (the headset I am using is the Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Shock 3.5mm Gaming Headset).

Only problem is that the 2nd player remote would disconnect, cutting off my audio and that can be a pain to reconnect while doing a record or a stream. So I am just wondering if there is another option? Thanks.

P.S. I've searched online, but even the forums don't seem to have anyone in my situation..