[SOLVED] Recover data from SSDs... with a laptop?


Jul 22, 2011
About a year ago, the motherboard on my old rig died. Long story short, I couldn't afford to replace it and ended up selling the rest of my PC, except for the 2 internal SSDs, which contain several files that I didn't want to lose. At the time, I was manually backing up files about once per month to an external drive. Unfortunately, it had been almost an entire month since my last backup.

Skipping forward, I recently bought a new laptop and was wondering whether I can somehow access the data from those SATA SSDs. I've no reason to think they were damaged when the motherboard went out, and they've just been sat on the shelf this past year. Of course, I could send them off to a data recovery center, but from what I understand that's quite expensive.

In case it helps, the SSDs are 500GB Crucial MX100s and were running on Windows 7. Whereas, my new laptop is an ASUS ZenBook UX533FD-A8067T running Windows 10. I've also got a Samsung T5 1TB external SSD, which is currently empty.

Lastly, I should note that since this rather sobering experience, both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive now take care of my backup. It was silly of me not to have a better solution in place when my motherboard went kaput.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.