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Recover data from wd 3tb My book 1230 external hard drive with damaged partition table


May 5, 2016
I have a WD 3TB My Book 1230 HDD single partitioned using GPT style and almost full of all my data encrypted with bitlocker. I ran HDD regenerator v.1.71, a software from dpsoft on the scan and repair option but the program shows a message before it start "MBR successfully recovered" and crashed. Now wen I put the disk on the USB the win7 disk management shows not initialized state and the disk is not accessible.
This is a complicate situation because the disk were on GPT style and encrypted with bitlocker (I have the bitlocker recovery key of course). I know all my data is still there because the disk hardwrare is fine and the HDD regenerator just crashed there was not enough time to erase all the data on my HDD in 10 seconds. But I have used R-studio and other recovery tools and I can't see any partitions, R-Studio shows me bitlocker encrypted partition, but no option to recover data or recover the partition. I think a disk editor like dmde could help me finding and repairing the problem manually but I don't know anything about DMDE and how to use it.

P.D: I apologize for any possible write errors because english is not my native language. I would be very very gratefully if you can help me or give me a good advice because I have been trying to recover my data a lot of time, of course without formating my HDD. But i can't go to a professional data recovery comany because I live in Cuba and here there is no such thing. Thanks in advance.

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