Recover data loss


Jun 28, 2013
Some days ago ,I used Windows 7 facility of Bit Locker,in which I Locked my two Very Important Drives by Bit Locker. Now,after locking that Drives,I wanted to Install Ubuntu. Actually, I was just trying to MultiBoot by making partitions from Windows 7 ,instead of GPartedLive Discn or any third party software. When I started booting it,it was showing BootMGR is missing. Then I thought to use GPartedLive to detect error. In GPartedLive Disc,it was showing at two discs,that system type is missing(might be I have done mistakes at time of installation). That was my C Drive(System's Drive) and other non-system Drive.

In GPartedLive Disc, I formated to both Drives to ntfs. When I restarted my laptop, it showed to repair/reinstall Windows 7. Then I re-installed windows 7 and the result was that the two Drives,which I locked with Bit Locker were empty and un-locked. Whenever I used to apply Bit-Locker to that Drives,it starts encrypting and it shows the amont of data present in that Drives(same as it was at the time when I applied Bit Locker at first time), but actually drive is empty.

As soon as encryption is finished,it stops showing even that original amount of data present

Here are the snap shots which exactly describes my condition

Please help me to recover that data,that data was very much important for me


The above software won't do anything as the files were encrypted, then quitea lot of work was done over that, including re-installing Windows and playing with the partitions. Those files are lost. Encrypting a file is no light matter, you need to ensure you don't mess with the files and make sure you read everything about how encryption works before playing around with the computer.