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Jan 21, 2015
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Hello, I have a client that I just did some work for. It's a Church local to me. They recently bought a new computer and wanted me to transfer over their data and programs. I ended up transferring over Microsoft Office and had it activated just fine.

For their email, they use Microsoft Outlook. I usually let my customers set up their own accounts how they want it, I just make sure their programs are installed and working when doing jobs like this. However, I was not informed that they did not have their password for the email, and that was lost when activating Microsoft Office, as it was a 1-user-per-P.Key, and so the old computer's now got Microsoft Office deactivated. Anyway, the secretary temp lady came in this morning and when she tried setting up Outlook, she realized she didn't have the password for it. This is an issue because for one, she is a temp and didn't know all of the passwords. For two, they can't get a hold of the lady that worked there before hand, and nobody in the building has any clue who set up the account. It's a custom domain mind you, not etc, so when trying to recover the password, nowhere I could find recognized it as a valid email. It's also an issue because it's their main email account. I contacted Microsoft Support via live chat and the representative explained that the Church's IT staff would have to recover it. The issue is, the Church doesn't have IT staff, which is why they hired me, as I am the closest thing to an IT department they have. Nobody knows who set up their accounts and it's not written down anywhere (while working with them I've realized their administration is terrible at writing down or remembering or keeping track of login credentials and communication is terrible). I decided to ask Tomshardware for help to see if anyone who might be a lot more clever than me could possibly help out? Thanks!
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