Recurring Error Message - seeking help or replacement recos


Jan 16, 2010
Hello. I have the following graphics card:
ASUS EN9800GT/DI/512MD3 Graphics card - 512 MB - DDR3 SDRAM

It worked flawlessly and suited my needs up unitl I 'upgraded' to windows 7.

Now when I run more graphic intensive activities (but not that crazy like editing maps in map my run, watching slingbox video, etc), I get a falshing screen with the error message:
Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and has Recovered
Display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 280.26 stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

I've removed the card and reinstalled, I've removed the driver and re-installed, I update the version whenever new ones are available, and yet the problem continues, sometimes many times in an hour.

I'm open to buying a new card to repair just to rid the problem, but wonder if its a problem with the card or not, given this issue was non-existent on XP.

If the simplest fix is just buy a new card, any silent card suggestions with similar specs? I'm happy performance wise, so I don't want to trade up ... happy to spend just enough to get the same quality without the flashing screens. I will pay a little premium for a silent card as I see benefit to that.

BTW - power supply is adequate at 500w.

Thanks for the advice.

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