Nov 24, 2020

So not long ago I build a new gaming pc from scratch. Consisted of an Asus h470-i Mobo, 32gb ddr4 Veangence RGB Pro RAM, msi ventus 1660 Ti GPU, intel core i5 10600 CPU, samsung evo 1tb SSD, and a 650 watt asus PSU.

Randomly one day the system stopped displaying anything to the screen and lost power to the keyboard and mouse. I tried everything to fix the issue (reset cmos, reseated everything, tried different cables monitor/hardware) with no luck, apart from the keyboard and mouse started getting power once the bios was reset, but still no power to the monitor. I had it looked at by a pro and they said it was the GPU, got a new one and still no change. Took it back and he has got it working.

Meanwhile while it has been getting repaired I have been using my old system, not exactly sure on all the specs, but it is running 16gb of RAM and an old intel i5 (maybe gen 5?) and after no issues at all since ive had this system, the exact same thing has happened with no warning. No display and no power to the keyboard and mouse. Im yet to get my new system back to test it, but I cannot work out if its just a really strange coincidence or something is actually causing this, maybe the power coming from the wall? Or a dodgy extention? I am completely puzzled. Please any help would be wonderful.