Question Recurring problem, no boot/fans on full, thought I had fixed with mobo replacement

May 12, 2021
I'm having a recurring problem with my system and I can't work out what is going wrong. The pc was built mid 2019, specs are as followed:
Ryzen 7 3700x
2060 super
16gb corsair vengeance ram 3600mhz (can't remember the specific model but I can find if needed)
Gigabyte x570 Aorus Pro (non wifi), this replaced an MSI x570 gaming edge wifi
Seasonic focus 650w gold psu
WD blue nvme ssd and hdd
So the problem is as follows and I would really appreciate some help.
I built my pc mid 2019 and it ran fine until late September last year at which point it crashed while browsing. When this happened the screen went black, the pc restarted and from there the fans were on but the pc did not boot/display anything and the usbs did not output power. I spent a long time going over possible problems before replacing the motherboard (I originally had an MSI gaming edge wifi) to the one listed. When building my pc with the new motherboard I initially had a problem where it would not boot/display and the fans ran on full speed which was fixed by swapping the ram around a couple of times. My pc ran fine for a couple of months until it has crashed again, and again not under load but while browsing and speaking to some friends. My pc now does not boot/display and the fans run on full. I am yet to troubleshoot it yet as I want some advice. I can't see it being a problem with the motherboard since I've had two completely separate makes/types of motherboard and basically the same problem has happened twice now. I can see it being a ram or psu problem however my knowledge is too limited to know why it may have been temporarily fixed with a new motherboard. I should mention that I think this is nearly the exact same problem I had while rebuilding and having to swap the ram slots to fix it which makes me lean towards a problem with ram- though I cant see why it would suddenly stop again. Additionally I should add that I have discovered since looking at it after crashing that the psu to socket lead (main lead into the power supply) is wobbly. Any help is appreciated I just want to fix it. I don't have spare parts and my friends don't have spare parts I could use either so troubleshooting ram/psu will likely require buying new parts and sending them back if ineffective. Thank you in advance.
Just remembered also, the debug lights go between dram and ram (will double check this)