Recycling gold without acids?


May 21, 2012
Hi, I want to know is it realy possible to dissolve gold with reverse electroplating without using any acids? On this video it is shown how to do that but I'm not so sure..
I doubt it, because as soon as the electrical connection is broken it would stop de-plating. i.e. as soon as an area had been significantly deplated everything beyond that will stop deplating. If you think about it from the electro plating point of view you'll only electroplate the conducting areas.

If item was plated to start with it would work, but with cpu's you are talking about gold wires etc.
From what I understand reverse electroplating is the final step to exclude impurities from "gold scrap" to make a gold bar 99.9999% pure.

Anyway, this is the wrong forum for your question. You might want to search around for a chemistry or science forum.