Question Red Checkered stripes and crash

Suspect that the video card is faulty. Best way to check this is to try it in another known working computer.

If the card works OK in the other computer, then that suggests some problem with the original computer (driver issue?).

If the card still shows funny display, then the card is almost certainly faulty and will have to be replaced.
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Mar 3, 2020
Everything has been working fine for a few years with this machine, the ram should be all ok since its never been moved and all was working the whole time, the only difference now is that I been using Blender (as you can see in the frozen frame) and the crashes I have had were always in a Blender session. I noticed before that the settings for the fans were set automatically to some automatic settings in the Tuning on AMD Radeon software and were not running at all. 0 RPM, so I put it under a load and checked it again and it still was at 0 RPM even though the temps were rising to 64c at the time.

I put it into manual mode and set the curves to spin up the fans at 45c and it ran quite well with no hangs untill the last time (which is the image I posted) I was NOT rendering at the time, but simply working on modeling a fairly basic scene.

I use the PC for playing VR with Oculus Rift and never have had any issues there. It seems my problems only occur using Blender, or when I run SheepIt which is a distributed Render Farm, so its not Blender specific, but rather Rendering in general. I have not overclocked or adjusted the factory settings in AMD software or my bios.
Thanks for the additional information.

I still believe that the video card (only) may be faulty (under load).

As mentioned previously, the card should be checked in another computer. And/or maybe try another video card (borrow one if necessary).