Question Red CPU light and flashing red DRAM light ?

Feb 20, 2021
So I've been trying to solve this issue for the past couple days now to no avail, so you guys are pretty much my last resort. As the title of this thread states, I have a red cpu light on my motherboard, as well as a flashing red dram light. These are followed by the led codes b5 and b7. b5 is "PCI device hot plug", and b7 is "reconfigure NVRAM settings". I haven't the slightest idea what to do with either of those as I'm fairly new to pc building and really just want this old girl to post.

pc specs;
mobo : gigabyte x399 gaming 7
cpu : 1950x threadripper
ram : corsair vengeance rgb 32g
gpu : evga gtx 1070 axc 3.0

I haven't really been having any problems with it other than a broken aio that I had replaced about a month ago and some uncharacteristically low performance. The only thing I have yet to do is to flash the bios, this is because it won't post and I don't know how to flash the bios without being able to access them :/