Question Red CPU light and Orange DRAM light ?

May 16, 2022
i built a new pc and when i started it for the first time i had ram installed in A2 and B2 slots as advised but i got a fast red cpu light then a longer orange dram light and they keep cycling like that A2+B2 then i tried with only one ram stick in each slot and when i put it in the A1 and A2 it blinks fast red cpu then it stays a constant orange dram lightA1+A2 but when i put it in the B1 and the B2 it does a fast red cpu then a couple of secs of orange dram light then it turns off for a seconds and i get a white vga light then a green boot light after secs B1+B2and i get image and everything works well i updated the bios then installed windows 10 and installed cpu and gpu drivers .
then after that this is what i tried :
  • replugged psu connectors and changed their psu slots
  • reseated cpu
  • removed all unnecessary cables
but still the same . i wanted to ask if anyone knows anything else i can test before returning the motherboard beacause i think it is the problem.

notes :
1-when i open then task manager it is detecting the other 2 slots A1 and A2
2- i tried with 3 rams B1+B2+A2 and i git the cycling red cpu then orange dram light like in A2+B2
3- one time i forgot to plug the 8+4 motherboard connector and it didnt give me image ofc but there was no orange dram light even tho it was A2+B2 slots installed.

mb : asus tuf gaming z690
cpu : i5 12600k
psu : asus rog strix 1000w