[SOLVED] Red CPU light blinks 3 times on msi B450m gaming plus, PC not starting

Dec 13, 2018

i bought a brand new msi 450 gaming plus along with other brand new components and build it all together today.

when i try to switch the power on at the back of the pc, a red light in the upper left corner of the mainboard starts to blink and does so 3 times in total, then it stops.

When i push the power button in front of the pc to turn the pc on, the graphic cards lights (the sapphire logo) go on for a very brief moment (maybe half a second), then off again.

No fans are starting to work, no sounds are coming from the motherboard.

It seems that the pc is not even starting.

All components are brand new and have been plugged into the motherboard as they are supposed to be, according to the manual.

i double checked cpu and ram and they are in place appropriately, all cpu pins are straight.

cpu: ryzen 5 2600
ram: 2x 8gb aegis 3000mhz ram
graphics: sapphire radeon nitro+ 8gb
power adapter: bequiet! 11 500 watt

im pretty much desperate, because i have no idea what to do and i bought the components from different vendors and i dont know which component i would have to send back, if any.

Any help or ideas to make this pc work would be much appreciated !
Dec 13, 2018
Thank you for your answer.

i double checked the cpu, it is fully and correctly seated. i tried all ram combinations possible and all cables are plugged into the motherboard.

i have to specify the blinking light thing though:

There is a red light blinking three times in the upper left corner of the motherboard (next to the bios flash thing).
It stops blinking after 3 times as mentioned.
This is after turning on the power on the power supply at the back of the pc.

When i hit the power button in front of the pc afterwards the graphic cards logo is lighting up very briefly and then immediately stopping,
as if the system was turned off immeditately right after.

At the same time there is also another red light on the mainboard lighting up for a very brief moment, which is the CPU Easy Debug LED.

The red light in the upper left corner is not lighting up again.