Question Red CPU light on b450 gaming plus max -MSI

Aug 25, 2019
Hey everyone! I built my first build yesterday and everything was going fine. I kept trying to boot windows from a USB stick and it never worked. On my last attempt I tried it but just got a black screen. Thinking this was the end of this test, I turned off the PC. When I tried again, I got nothing on display, no bios nothing. Just a red CPU light on my Mobo.

I’ve tried everything, from flashing the Mobo again, to taking out all the parts and putting them back in. To checking all the plugs. I even hard reset my motherboard by taking out the battery. Nothing works!

Hoping somebody on here can help me with this problem.

CPU: RyZen 3600
Ram; Viper steel 8x2 16 gn 3200
GPU: RTX 590
Ssd: Crucial 250gb
Motherboard: b450 gaming plus max by MSI

Any help would be amazing! Thank you!
It shouldn't be a coincidence that I just (very recently) built a system for myself with the same CPU and board that you have (as well as this memory). I am having a lot of trouble getting the PC to boot reliably. Sometimes I can boot it normally, but sometimes it won't post and will have the CPU LED glowing bright red. I can, however, hard reset it multiple times and boot just fine. The PC, however, works normally when it boots.

What I can found is that it seems to be a known issue with seemingly all B450M boards with Ryzen 3000 CPUs. B450M boards from MSI are known to be the most reliable ones, more reliable than ASUS, ASrock and GB. Reviews on Newegg are mostly positive, but a lot of negative reviews point out to this CPU bug we're experiencing here. I've been into PCs since I was 7 years old, and so I was skeptical as I never had heard anything like this before. So, I gambled and bought this MSI board only to find that it has the same issue.

RMA-ing is a way to go for you, perhaps. Your issue sounds more severe. But my PC boots 75% of the time normally, and the rest it'd take 2-3 resets before it boots normally. I guess I have to sleep this PC in the meantime, wait for an updated BIOS or alternatively upgrade to a B550 board when it comes out.