Question Red Dragon 5700 XT constant green screen crash

Sep 23, 2021
Hey guys,

Recently bought a 2nd hand Power color red dragon 5700XT for mining purposes and it has been causing me trouble since i've gotten it. On initially mining with it (on HiveOS) , it was quite unstable sometimes mining for 1-2 hours, other times 5-10 mins. Replacing it with a different GPU and mining rig is working perfectly.

Placed the card into my computer (previously working perfectly with a different 5700XT) and it crashes instantly when any load is placed onto it. Boots up (almost all the time) fine. If I load up a game or mine, it instantly has a green screen crash. I've managed to get into dota once, but besides that it pretty much doesn't work. After crashing sometimes my comp boot cycles a couple times before it loads into windows.

Both bios (Silent and OC) were flashed when I got them. Things i've tried:
-Flashed both back to the stock bios from tech power up online and no difference.
-Flashing to stock bios guy who sold it to me said he backed up, and still not working. Flashing to other bios i've found online.
-I've used different PSU cables, used 2 cables instead of splitters.
-DDU in safe mode, then used windows 10 auto drivers, and different time installed AMD software.
-Loaded into HiveOS and crashes there as well.

PSU specs for reference, all these parts are 1 month old:
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x
MOBO: Asus prime B550m-A wifi
RAM: G.Skill 2 x 8gb 3600Mhz Ram CL18
PSU: RM650x V2
SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 500gb

Put an old GFX card I had back into comp and it runs perfectly. And I was previously mining on a different 5700XT until I swapped to this one, so don't think its the rest of the computer.

Anyone experienced something similar, or have any possible suggestions? Or is it likely the card has a hardware fault.

Appreciate any help.
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