Red DRAM LED and Orange CPU and HDD LED


Feb 27, 2011
OK I assembled my gaming PC and when I hooked it up to different displays they all said nothing was detected. :fou: I opened up my motherboard and I saw that the LEDs where orange and red on the motherboard I looked and all the power units were hooked up. Yes the 4pin and 8pin EATX cords were connected. Problems keep coming up I get a green led and a RED LED for the RAM and Orange for the CPU. I check to what's wrong but I can't seem to find anything and this angers me because I really want to start gaming on my PC. When I hook it up to a display they all say nothing is detected.
Here are my specs Asus Crosshair Formula V

EVGA GTX 570 Super Clocked

AMD Phenom 1090T

G skill ripjaw series 4gb desktop memory model F-10666CL9D 4GBRL

Azza Solano 1000R

Rosewill Bronze series 1000 RBR1000-M 1000W

Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX 500gb 6.0gb/s

LITE-ON DVD Burner Black Bulk Sata model iHAS124-04


Sep 30, 2009
Well, you are receiving electrical power since you are able to see the flashing lights. Did you securely plug in your power connector for your motherboard and installed your CPU correctly? G.Skills are pretty reliable so it shouldn't be faulty memory but you should see if you have another set of RAM to check if this is the case. You can also try unplugging everything, and then reset the BIOS by popping out the battery or shorting it out. Proceed with caution haha.