Question Red dram light after updating bios via q flash +

Oct 26, 2021
I wanted to build a new pc. Istarted to flash the bios vias usb stick wit q flash+ after 2 minutes there was a red light with dram. But i dont had any components on board. I waited till the bios flash was done but the led was still on. I decided to turn the power suply on and of and the light was gone. So i decided to install l components now. Ther flashes a red boot led at the begining followed by a vga led which stays on all the time. I just get a black screen cpu fan works, graphicard shows its logo and the system stays on all the time till i hold power button and shut off 1 mysterious thing is every time i push the psu putton to on there a white light flash very bright and about half a second long hope my psu hasnt <Mod Edit> up. So i dont really know what to do now. Because i dont want to destroy the components on the mainboard because thid flashing doednt seem normal to me... Mainboard is a gigabyte auros b550 pro ver. 2
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