Question red green and blue light coming out of my monitor inbetween 2 pixels

Jul 7, 2020
Hi I have an acer 240hz monitor and there is some rgb and white light coming from inbetween 2 pixels and its really annoying, I looked close enough and it is not a stuck pixel, it used to be bigger and i fixed it with all of the stuck pixel methods, but there is still a little bit that isnt an actual pixel, maybe its somesort of light leak in the monitor or something I have no idea but I have no way of taking a picture of this unfortantely, its not a stuck pixel, as its not a pixel, it is inbetween a pixel and only visable when the monitor is on. Also it only shows when some colors are shown on the screen in that specific area. Thanks for any help :)


Text can only do so much for us before imaginations start to take over and we assume either the worst(change the display under RMA, if it's under warranty) or we assume nothing(leave it be).

You should include a picture of what you're seeing.

Often times, if it's a dead pixel and you have enough dead pixels on the screen, you are entitled to an RMA, if you're under warranty period. Outside of that there isn't much you can do.
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