Question Red lights in mobo indicating problem with cpu and ram?

May 30, 2020
Red lights in mobo indicating problem with cpu and ram. Brand new components. Fans start but no display, endless boot loop but doesnt get to bios.

Earlier today I messed up and flipped a led cable orientation around and something shorted or blew in one of my components. Now when I plug the power cord into the psu the cpu fan, gpu fan, and psu fan all start running without me pressing the boot button (it doesn't work either) but nothing shows on the display, also noticed the boot button led comes on for like 4 seconds along with those fans l. Its weird because the light and fans only stay on for like 5 seconds, thenthe fans stop, then it starts all over again ad infinitum. can only shut off with power switch on psu, not boot button on case. 2 red light indicators show on my mobo for cpu and dram. First cpu, then dram, they then shut off with the fans and boot button led, process continues again.

No idea what is going on here as I am new to building. Did i blow out my cpu or ram? Or psu or mobo? Or case? All of these components are about ~5 days old besides my psu and gpu so I really hope I didnt break anything.

Aorus pro wifi mobo,
16gb gskill ram,
i7 9700k cpu,
antec 550 watt psu,
gtx 680,
xpg battlecruiser case
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