Question Red/Orange RGB on GPU + "LCDPanelSetting" stopped working ?

Sep 8, 2021
I have an Aorus RTX 3070 Ti Master Edition, and I was wondering what the different colors of the RGB meant on the GPU. Typically after a restart, all of the RGB turns red and stays red until I open RGBFusion. Sometimes after a shutdown, it'll be orange until RGBFusion opens itself.

I'm asking this question to see if this is just a known thing and if people know what each color represents, or if it's just random colors that don't mean anything. Also, is there a fix for the "LCDPanelSetting" sometimes not working whenever I boot up? I've ended up just disabling the server to not see it in my reliability history. The .exe is called "MonitorService.exe" but when I look further, it's "LCDPanelSetting."

Thanks in advance.