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Question Redmi note 4 wouldn't restart unless plugged into a power source.


Nov 12, 2015
ROM: AEX 4.6 nougat
Kernel: fk-r5-anykernel2
Magisk 20.4
Power and Volume Down buttons do not work, Volume Up button works perfectly fine.(Physical damage while closing the back panel, not relevant to the current problem.)

Current problem:
Woke up to a non responsive phone.
Plugged in the charger, charges normally.(Phone still off, shows charging animation when plugged in.)
My general routine for Booting the phone up:
unplug charger(if connected)> press hold volume up button> connect the charger, wait for the "MI” logo to show up and then leave the volume button and unplug the charger> orange fox recovery screen shows up> " reboot system" from recovery!
Except this time! NOTHING HAPPENED!
The screen went dark and didn't boot up.
Plugged in the charger, shows charging animation. ( Phone still off.)

Did the boot up ritual again, EXCEPT! This time I kept the charger plugged in!
The phone boots up finally!
Tried doing it again a few times, concluded that the phone boots up only when plugged in to the charger.
Why is that so?