Question Redragon 556 Keyboard Stopped Working


Oct 10, 2015
Hi all.

I'm having an issue with a Redragon 556 RGB keyboard that I've had for under two years. I've had completely smooth operation of it for the complete duration of that time, but for some reason it cut out today while sitting in a CS:GO lobby.

I lost all keyboard function, and upon unplug and plug back to my USB drives, Windows no longer recognizes it as a functioning device and gives it a Code 43.

I've tried uninstalling the unrecognized drivers and refreshing, and moved it through every one of my USB drives. I have tried uninstalling ALL of my USB drivers, and letting them reinstall. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Redragon "Mechanic Gaming Keyboard" software. I've gone through multiple restarts. All of my USB devices work in every USB slot, except for the keyboard in any. The keyboard DOES work on another computer, meaning that it's not an issue with my USBs in general, nor the keyboard, but seemingly there's some faulty interaction between the keyboard and my main PC.

Is there a default keyboard driver stored somewhere I can try and force an install of to the keyboard?

I'm really at my wit's end here, any help would be seriously appreciated- this is one of those issues that is making me want to rip my hair out. Thanks much.