Question Redragon K630 RGB Software broke my keyboard

Jan 26, 2023
I just bought a Redragon K630 RGB with red switches, and worked perfectly until i tried to download the rgb software from the official redragon website, when i unzipped the folder and ran the .exe file an error text appeared and the keyboard didn't respond anymore, i tried to restart the pc and to unplug the keyboar, nothing happened, and when i go to device settings, the keyboard appear in the list. if there is a way to fix it please help me
uninstall all related software and drivers.
restart the system.

if the keyboard still fails to initialize and respond;
contact the retailer purchased from and return the item for a refund.

then find a higher quality manufacturer for your next keyboard.


Second what @JohnBonhamsGhost stated on drivers. Another option is see how the keyboard works on another PC or laptop. If it doesn't work on those, then it should like a bad firmware update cause the keyboard to crash when you .exe file. You can see if Redragon has a way to re-flash the firmware or just take it back saying it doesn't work.