Question Redragon m711 mouse randomly disconnects (wired usb mouse)

Mar 24, 2020
I purchased this mouse about 1 year ago and up until now, its been functioning great. Now, (mostly during intensive use like gaming) the mouse randomly makes the disconnect sound and disconnects. The LEDs usually go out or are half lit. This problem happens from once every 30 mins to once every 5 mins. Never really happens during normal web surfing, just gaming. It usually reconnects in 10-45 secs (doesn't make reconnect sound) or it never reconnects. I can unplug it and replug it in to force it to reconnect. This has been happening for about 5 days and in the past 2 days, I've gotten a few " The last USB device you connected to this computer has malfunctioned and windows doesn't recognize it" error messages.

Things I've tried:
different USB ports (both 2.0 and 3.0)
turning off the USB root hub power-saving option
messing with the mouse drivers (Redragon doesn't supply its own so I'm currently using the win 10 USB composite device driver. I've tried the generic USB driver but it doesn't work at all)
uninstalling the device/driver and reinstalling it
trying the mouse on another laptop (it worked fine during web surfing and some aim games. Tried it for around 20 mins and concluded that it wouldn't happen)
Tried another mouse on my current PC (the other mouse works fine in the USB ports that the m711 doesn't work in. Didn't try it while gaming bc it doesnt have side buttons)
reinstalled the newest chipset driver for mobo.
Deleted and reinstalled the redragon rgb software

Things i suspect:
I think it's mainly an error between my mouse and current PC (something to do with drivers) bc it works fine on my laptop and the other mouse works fine on my PC.
possibly hardware defect/ damage. the most "damage" ive done to the mouse is just slightly aggressively tapping it on my desk repeated times. I've done this in the past and nothing has happened. There also hasn't been a time where I've done this and the mouse shortly disconnects after.
maybe COD warzone? This problem has happened only after i installed warzone but i don't remember it happening in that game. Another reason I suspect it might be warzone is that in the loading screen going into the game, when you move your mouse the game automatically moves it back to the middle. Sometimes when my mouse disconnects, the cursor end up frozen in the middle of the screen. I think this is mostly coincidental though.

PC specs (built around the same time the mouse was bought (1 year ago))
ryzen 5 1600
Msi b450 a-pro
8gb ram 3000mhz
gtx 1050ti

mouse: redragon cobra m711 (non fps)
KB: velocifire TKL brown switches

thank you for reading :D