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Question Reduce 1660 super fan noise

May 24, 2020
Hi, So i own a MSI Ventus 1660 super and notice fans get quite loud.
Using the auto fan setting on afterburner and at 70 degrees the fan is at 70% fan speed, which is honestly very loud.
Is it possible reduce noise but without drastically increasing temps
May 24, 2020
If the fan speed is 70% and the temp is 70C then reducing the fan speed will obviously make the temp increase. Is it at 70C and 70% at IDLE?
These temps are when playing games, AC Oddysey on high settings,
this is my 1st build so im pretty illiiterate in these things, sorry


Jan 29, 2011
This is my 1st build so im pretty illiiterate in these things, sorry
You need to invest money at higher performance PC case with a better level of AIR cooling.
I do Gaming for 22 years up to date, my PC case never were generic but always a high end solution regarding air-flow.
Back in 2005 we were forced to modify our cases (tower) about improving Air flow by the use of SMART 120mm DC fans, with automatic speed control due their own temperature sensors.

You may discover if you have PC case poor air-flow issues by removing the side cover, and by compering the temperatures at Gaming.

MSI Ventus 1660 super ? Not the best cooling system either.
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What case and case fan setup do you have. Adding good quality 140mm fans can help airflow while operating at low rpm and therefore silently. On my current system I added a 140mm to the bottom of the case drawing air in and blowing it at the front underside of the gpu, it dropped temps by about 3-5c and no extra noise. It runs at about 600-700rpm.