Feb 24, 2010
I just bought a radeon hd 5770. i realise that it makes alot more heat thant the nvidia 7600gt i had before :p

I got a wavemaster coolermaster case. its a great case but there isnt a good airflow

I was wondering if it could be a good idea if a drill a hole for a side panel fan just beside my gpu so it can bring the gpu heat out of the case instead of heating everything up.

I saw somewhere that you have to carefull with intake and outake fan so the airflow doesnt mixt up.

Now I got 2 intake front bottom fan and one outake upper back fan + psu fan.

my gpu is really at the near bottom of the case in front of the lower intake fan.
If you do put a fan on the side panel you want it to blow onto the gpu it will work better the rest of your fans are setup fine.

What are your temps to give me a better idea of what is going on?
Those temps are about average for either Intel or AMD cpus.

And for your video card temps in the mid 60s is average temp for a 5770. I wouldn't waste the time unless you are really bored because it wouldn't hurt to have more air flow.


Best way to reduce GPU temp and case temps overall is placing a fan on the rear grill of the video card in the back of the case :) All the air coming in from the original fan will cool the heatsink and then the heated air will be sucked out the back completely and out of the case instead of lingering in the GPU and causing more heat. And your gpu heat won't go into the case to heat up other components, i did this to my 8800GTS 640mb and temps droped 10C under load :). Also You can place a PCI Slot fan below it where the bottom exhuast grills are, both work fine.


I just put a small fan, maybe 30-40mm. It had some other connection so i cut it off and spliced it with a 4 pin connector. And yes it was a real computer fan :) If you aren't up for this then get a PCI-Slot fan from a store IF you GPU has bottom grills on it.